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  1. Personal Training Hampshire & Surrey
    Personal Training I offer personal training on a 1-1, 2-1 or 3-1 basis. This can be based at your home or at a local park, thus ensuring the service is as easy and comfortable for you as possible. These sessions are specifically tailored to your needs, goals and preferences.
  2. Bootcamp Circuits Hampshire and Surrey
    Exercise Classes Currently held on Monday's at 6:00-6:45pm and Wednesday's at 6:15-7pm at Liphook Junior School. These are group based sessions, that bring people together socially, as well as offering a fun way to get fit and active. The sessions are open to anyone, regardless of ability! The current price per session is £7 per person or a block of 5 sessions for £30.
  3. Training Programme and Nutrition
    Personalised Training Programme Following a short questionnaire, I will use your responses to produce an 8-week home/gym based training programme, that is tailored to your goals and exercise experience. This programme explains the exercises that should be performed during each given session during the week (incl. amount of repetitions and sets), as well as the teaching points to ensure that the exercise is performed safely and correctly. When purchasing this, you will also receive a basic training and nutritional advice sheet that is specific to you, which includes an estimation of basal metabolic rate (BMR) and protein intake. At the end of the 8-week programme, I recommend purchasing a new one with different exercises/intensities to prevent you from plateauing (shock the body to keep progressing).
  4. Health and Lifestyle Assessment
    Health MOT This service gathers information on your physical health and lifestyle, in which you will then receive a full report within 48 hours. The parameters that will be assessed are: Weight + Height Body Mass Index (BMI) Basic Nutrition Assessment Resting blood pressure Resting heart rate Waist & hip circumference Blood cholesterol and glucose levels Postural analysis The report will provide a full summary of the results, as well as giving recommendations based upon them*.
  5. Nutritional Analysis and Diet Plan
    Nutritional Analysis You will be sent a 7-day food diary to complete. Straight after every meal you will enter the food eaten, as well as the quantity of each food source and the preparation method (e.g. fried, grilled, etc.). Once this has been completed and returned to me, I will analyse the foods being consumed, as well as the quantity. This will allow me to give you advice and suggestions to help improve your diet, based on your goals (i.e. for weight loss, or for muscle gain, etc.). It is crucial that you are 100% honest during this service, otherwise the advice given will not be beneficial or tailored to you. The results will be given within 24hrs as a report (so the information can be kept).
*DISCLAIMER: We are not liable for any incorrect readings.  This service is only for general health assessment, not diagnosis.  However, if results are poor then it would be suggested to seek further advice from a GP.